Seth Meyers, Jason Sudeikis Enlist Their Kids For Latest ‘Second Chance Theatre’ Sketch

Seth Meyers is bringing back “Second Chance Theatre”, but this time from home.

Enlisting his kids, Axel and Ashe, Jason Sudeikis, his kids Daisy and Otis, and Mike O’Brien, Meyers perfectly recreates a cut-for-time “SNL” sketch called “Unicorn”.

All filmed from each “SNL” alum’s home across the U.S., the homemade set and props worked seamlessly for Monday’s at-home edition of “Late Night With Seth Meyers”.

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The sketch followed a unicorn wrangler, played by O’Brien, who brings a bunch of infected unicorns to a children’s birthday party, but the infection was so bad that he is forced to put all the unicorns down right in front of the kids.

O’Brien joined Meyers to chat about his cut sketch from 2010, revealing he had written it for host Betty White. According to O’Brien, the sketch almost made it to air until “her manager, who’s much older than her, started to lay into me, slapping the coffee table saying, ‘We said no animals!’”

O’Brien pitched the sketch idea twice, originally for White and again three seasons later for Will Ferrell.

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