Clare Crawley Admits Social Media Has Been ‘Brutal’ Since Being Named ‘The Bachelorette’

Clare Crawley may still be waiting to film her season of “The Bachelorette” but the drama is still raging on.

The reality star joined fellow Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on the podcast “Bachelor Happy Hour” and spilled on all the feelings and emotions of being named the “The Bachelorette”.

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“I cannot wait to share my story and just be another voice for women,” Crawley gushed to Kufrin and Lindsay. “Being 40… not 40 yet, jumping the gun… and single – there is a reason we are where we are at in our lives. I want so bad for other women who are waiting, and who have waited, to know that self-worth comes first more than anything.”

But just because Crawley is excited about her future, doesn’t mean the reaction on social media hasn’t affected her.

“I definitely feel love but I think that it’s mixed. A lot of times people don’t know who I am, I’m too old, I’m this or that. I mean, social media is brutal,” she admitted. “I was telling some producers this, that my saving grace is that I am a strong woman, you know?”

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She added, “If people are spitting out hate and talking negativity, it’s because that’s what’s going on inside them, just hate and negativity.”

Crawley first appeared on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of “The Bachelor” where she was the runner up, she later appeared on seasons one and two of “Bachelor in Paradise” and later got engaged to Benoit Beauséjour-Savard following their time together on “Bachelor Winter Games”.

Filming of Crawley’s season of “The Bachelorette” has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Crawley also opened up about a “really abusive” relationship during the chat.

“Leading into this, there’s so much more background that I have never even talked about, even on that season of ‘The Bachelor’, that I held inside, that I didn’t share with the world. I didn’t even share with my friends,” she said, according to E!, “I had just gone through a really, really abusive relationship going into Juan Pablo’s season.”

Crawley, who became known for the way she told Galavis off during his season, continued: “I hear it in my voice the whole time of just trying to be strong, and trying to be empowered, but then at the very end, having enough in me to be like, ‘you know what? No. That’s not OK, you don’t treat somebody like that, you don’t disrespect somebody like that.'”

She shared, “I hadn’t fully convinced myself of that yet, so it took me time right after that to sit and process that and go, ‘what just happened? What do I need to work on? And why did that shake me?’ I’m glad it shook me, but I was just starting to do the work, I was just starting to crack myself open and find out all about me and why I had had that moment, but even more so, all the stuff leading up to it that I had to still process.”

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