Do not feel bad if Billie Eilish does not follow you on Instagram, she does not follow anyone anymore.

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Eilish, 18, unfollowed everyone on Instagram this week. That includes her brother, Finneas, as well as famous friends like Justin Bieber.

The “Bad Guy” singer’s Instagram follow-count plummeted by Wednesday morning.

One day prior, Eilish posted a now-deleted Instagram Story reading: “If I am following your abuser, DM me and I will unfollow them. I will support you.”

The move obviously caught the attention of fans. One wrote, “BILLIE EILISH UNFOLLOWED JUSTIN BIEBER AND CHRIS BROWN OMG.” Another argued, “Why TF is everybody mad about Billie Eilish unfollowing everyone??? Celebrities aren’t obligated to follow people…”

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Technically, it shows Eilish follows one person; however, that link is dead. Eilish’s rep had no comment when ET Canada reached out.