Trevor Noah Says ‘White Folks’ Interact With ‘Black People Like They’re Making Contact With E.T.’

Trevor Noah says the lack of true understanding from white corporate America regarding Black people is painfully obvious.

Noah noticed how large corporations are putting their support behind #BlackLivesMatter. “The Daily Show” host is not confident, however, that all these companies are making a meaningful change from the ground up.

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“This is what you get for living in a segregated society,” Noah said. “Instead of knowing Black people and Black culture, you’ve got white folks interacting with Black people like they’re making contact with E.T.”

“Millions of white Americans don’t have the first clue of how to interact with their Black co-workers — or just even be normal around them — that Black people in corporate America have to spend an inordinate amount of time making white people feel comfortable,” he added.

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Noah recommended employees and executives take a look at their own company’s history.

“If you really believe in rooting out systemic racism and supporting Black lives, then I say to you, examine your own actions within your companies,” Noah advised. “Before history leaves you behind.”

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