Jennifer Lopez Surprises ‘Heroic’ Nurse In New York: ‘We Are So Grateful’

One New York City nurse got the surprise of a lifetime, Jennifer Lopez.

Cassidy Toben caught up with Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on Peacock’s “The At-Home Variety Show”. During the chat, Lopez made an unexpected appearance to chat with Toben.

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“We are so grateful for everything that you do,” Lopez told Toben. “Thank you so much.”

Toben was understandably “freaking out” and revealed her last public outing before COVID-19 hit was this year’s Super Bowl. You may remember that is the Super Bowl that JLo and Shakira performed at.

“To think that that was only a few months ago and we were all celebrating something together as a country and now here we are,” Toben said. “But thank you for that because it’s really inspirational.”

Lopez refused to take the attention of Toben, hailing her and other “heroic” healthcare workers as “bada**es.”

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“You guys absolutely are,” JLo said. “And again, like, thinking about what you have to go through every day.”

“I was listening to you saying as I [was] sneakily waiting to say hello — about, you know, you can’t save everybody and how hard that must be and that kind of reality setting in and it just reminded me too of how difficult this time is and how challenging it’s been,” JLo said.

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