Eminem Responds After Leaked Lyrics Bash Diddy’s Black Media Company REVOLT

An alternate version of an Eminem collaboration leaked on the internet this week, creating a conflict between Slim Shady and Diddy that required some ironing out.

As Billboard reported, a new version of Conway the Machine’s Eminem collab “Bang” was leaked, featuring some Eminem rap lyrics that don’t appear on the original that diss REVOLT, Diddy’s Black media venture.

“Yeah, shout to Puffy Combs, but f**k REVOLT/Y’all are like a f***ed up remote, now I get it why our button’s broke,” he rapped in the leaked lyrics.

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REVOLT initially replied in a pithy tweet.

REVOLT later went into more detail, addressing the diss in a statement issued to Billboard.

“Why does Eminem, someone who is a guest in Black culture, think he can talk down to REVOLT?” the company said in its statement.

“REVOLT is a BLACK media company, owned by a Black entrepreneur, with a majority Black team — that is authentic and real about this,” the statement continues. “With the immediate need for REVOLT to use our platform for the important issues regarding social justice, equality, and ensuring continuing to be the outlet – across ALL OUR PLATFORMS, we’re doing important work. Eminem trying to come for us is an unneeded distraction. It is not OK.”

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Eminem is responding to REVOLT’s response, and he’s in full agreement with them, pointing out those lyrics were recorded when he was “heated in the moment” and were never meant to see the light of day.

“I agree with Revolt…this is an unnecessary distraction. I never meant for that verse to be heard, I was heated in the moment and thought better of it and decided to pull it back,” he writes.

“Stuff that I never intended to release continues to leak from the huge WeTransfer hack,” he added. “I don’t have any issues with Revolt…I’d actually welcome the opportunity to work with them on some positive things and turn this in a different direction.”

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