Beyoncé fans were not impressed after Britney Spears labelled herself “Queen B” Wednesday.

Everybody knows there’s only one “Queen B” out there, and the Beyhive definitely made sure Spears knew that this week.

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The singer shared a photo of a royal bee with a crown, alongside the caption: “To all my fans who call me Queen B. I believe this would be more accurate!!!!!”

However, she did add a wink emoji to her post, so maybe she was just having a bit of a joke with her followers?

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Despite the controversy, some pointed out there was “more than enough room for all” and that Spears could be “Queen B,” while Beyoncé took “Queen Bey.”

See more of the reaction below.

The artist behind the painting, Jenny Paddey, then spoke to TMZ about the whole thing, insisting neither Spears or Beyoncé were her inspiration.

She said she painted the illustration back in 2018 and “it was only intended to reflect a play on words for the phrase ‘queen bee.'”

Paddey, who insisted she wasn’t going to pick sides in the fan war, added she wasn’t sure how Spears came across her painting and only found out about the post once friends started tagging her in the comments.

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