South Park Episodes Depicting The Prophet Muhammad Left Off Streaming Services

Fans of “South Park” can stream the entire series… except for five controversial episodes.

According to Deadline, in an agreement in advance of the show’s debut on the HBO Max streaming service, five episodes featuring depictions of the Prophet Muhammad have been made unavailable.

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The episodes include “Super Best Friends”, “Cartoon Wars” Parts 1 and 2, and the season 14 episodes “200” and “201”. In Canada, the episodes are also unavailable to stream on Crave in Canada.

The episodes have long faced controversy over violating the widespread belief by Muslims in the prohibition of depictions of the Prophet.

In 2010, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone received threats over the depiction, which led to the censoring of the voice and images of Muhammad in the episodes, and eventually the removal of the episodes from circulation on Comedy Central and other streaming services.

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“South Park” arrives on HBO Max following a deal estimated at more than $500 million for the streaming rights, with new episodes to appear 24 hours after airing on Comedy Central.

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