Sophia Bush is putting a stop to people impersonating her to cause others harm.

In a series of posts on her Instagram Story, the actress called out an individual who appeared to be catfishing strangers by pretending to be her.

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“@sophia_bush_pr_i_vate is NOT my account,” Bush wrote over a screenshot of an exchange with the imposter. ‘”I DO NOT HAVE PRIVATE ACCOUNTS. And I will not communicate with any of y’all in private DMs from private accounts. Ever. Nor have I EVER done so.”

She then followed the post up with a request for fans to report the offending account.

In another follow-up, Bush revealed that she had learned about one victim of the imposter, who was tricked and ended up breaking her years-long sobriety.

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“THIS IS AWFUL. This is HEARTBREAKING to me,” Bush wrote. “And whoever is doing this to people?? I will work with the proper authorities to catch you. You should be banned from social channels. SHAME ON YOU.”