Amanda Peet is finally speaking out on her husband David Benioff’s series finale of “Game Of Thrones”.

Benioff was a co-creator of the HBO hit, which wrapped its final season more than a year ago.

The actress joined Andy Cohen for an at-home episode of “Watch What Happens Live” and admitted she couldn’t believe the backlash the series finale received.

“I feel like some people didn’t want to say goodbye. I don’t know,” she explained. “Look, maybe I’m just too close to it, but I didn’t understand the blowback.”

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Adding, “For God’s sake, people, it’s a television show.”

Peet also revealed she “loved it” when she read the final script and that she will continue to “stand by it.”

“Game Of Thrones” ran for eight seasons between 2011 and 2019. It also picked up a record-breaking 32 Emmy nominations and took home several trophies during its run.

Later on, Peet and Cohen recalled a memorable moment from “WWHL”‘s past, involving the host, Peet and Debra Winger.

“Last time you were on the show, it was actually an infamous night in the Clubhouse,” Cohen said of her 2018 appearance. “You were on with the legendary actress Debra Winger. What was going through your mind during that challenging and interesting episode?”

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When fellow guest Andrew Rannells asked what happened, Cohen went into it. “Between Travolta, Richard Gere and Redford and she was like, ‘I don’t remember, do you remember someone you kissed 30 years ago?'” he recalled. “I’m like, if it was Robert Redford, I would have remembered!”

“I was dumbfounded. I was kind of like, just in a state of dumb shock,” Peet said of her reaction to the awkward moment. “It was hard for me to help or be conversational, because my mouth was hung open.”


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