Cardi B is trending, of all reasons, for allegedly having a fake Instagram account.

The Grammy-winning rapper has parlayed her music fame into a reported net worth of $24 million, major Hollywood film appearances (“Hustlers” and “49”) and true influencer status. What people decided to dial-in on this Thursday, however, was an Instagram rumour.

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Cardi, 27, is accused of running a fake Instagram (commonly referred to as a “finsta”) that she allegedly uses to speak ill of other female artists. This rumour spiralled into the “Cardi B is Cancelled” and “Cardi B Is Overy Party” trends on Twitter.

It is worth noting that these trends often occur because they are being used by people on both sides of the issue: those defending the artist and those accusing them.

“So I woke up… I’m seeing that they’re trying to make this Cardi B Is Canceled Party,” Cardi said in a Twitter video. “I’m seeing these people, I guess they’re editing or claiming I have a fake Instagram.”

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“These people must think I’m a 15-year-old girl, and they claim Lil Kim and my hairstylist, makeup artist and sister follows the page,” she continued. “They never did. They even made fake Photoshopped comments from my hairstylist, which we proved was fake.”

Cardi concluded: “Stop trying to make this fake s**t up… don’t make lies about me. it’s tiring. It’s annoying.”