As a mother, the death of George Floyd hit Jordin Sparks particularly hard.

The singer virtually stopped by “Musicology with Tim Kash” on Quibi where she expressed that being mom to Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr., 2, who has darker skin than she does, made Floyd’s death hit close to home.

Sparks spoke how heartbreaking it is to see parents of Black children having to have “the talk” about dangers they could face only because of the colour of their skin.

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She knew that even being a lighter-skinned person of colour in the music industry has kept her from certain mistreatment.

Speaking of the Black Lives Matter movement, Sparks said, “We can’t do this alone, the Black community, the Black, Indigenous and people of colour, those communities cannot do this without our white friends, and our white-passing, and our lighter friends. We cannot do it without their help.”

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“Also, in the pain that the community is feeling and the families that are suffering, they can’t do this alone either. Like they have to have a support system as well. So it’s changed the meaning of it and the feeling behind it has definitely changed, and it morphs. I think again, that’s the beauty of music too.”

One of her new songs, “Unknown”, fits right into the current climate. The chorus goes:

I know I can’t do this alone
Alone, alone
Alone, alone
Can You see me through the unknown?
Unknown, unknown
I can’t do this alone

Sparks’ EP Sounds Like Me is out June 26.