John Boyega Responds When People Think He Accepted A Fan’s Twitter Marriage Proposal Not Realizing It Was A Fake Account

Some Twitter users were duped into thinking that John Boyega randomly accepted a marriage proposal via Twitter.

It all started when a woman shared a video inviting the “Star Wars” actor to “consider me for marriage,” offering such selling points as “good genes” and the willingness to learn to cook.

She also revealed she has “a lot of free time.”

Another Twitter user then put together a convincing-looking fake account, claiming to be Boyega, and accepted the proposal.

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Those who didn’t realize it was a bogus account and not Boyega himself who accepted were freaked out.

At some point, Boyega caught wind of what was going on, taking to Twitter to offer some hilarious responses.

While Boyega didn’t accept, another Twitter user was willing to take her up on the offer, but earning a hilarious rebuke from the actor for his “corny response” and its lack of “sauce.”

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