Justin Bieber has denied two accusers’ allegations of sexual assault and produced evidence to refute their claims — and now he’s bringing his lawyers into the picture.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that Bieber unleashed a defamation lawsuit against the social media users who lodged the allegations, suggesting that the two — known only as “Danielle” and “Kadi” — may actually be the same person.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Bieber’s defamation suit describes the “malicious” allegations that Bieber assaulted the women in 2014 and 2015, respectively, as “factually impossible.”

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Bieber’s suit contends that the “Yummy” singer has “indisputable documentary evidence” that proves the allegations are “outrageous, fabricated lies.”

The lawsuit shoots down Danielle’s claim that Bieber assaulted her in the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas, offering evidence that Bieber was actually staying somewhere else that night. The suit alleges she concocted the story based on local media reports that he dined at the hotel’s restaurant on that date.

In addition, the suit claims that Kadi is an obsessed fan who waits outside hotels for him, citing evidence and witnesses proving her claim that he was with her at the time she alleges is an “impossibility – a poor, but damaging, fabrication.”

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Bieber’s suit also introduces the suspicion that both social media accounts may be run by the same person, or working as a coordinated campaign to damage his reputation.

Bieber is suing for $20 million, $10 million for each accusation.