He may be 56-years-old, but Russell Crowe is still living life like a rockstar.

The “Gladiator” actor reminisced on the night that he and Ed Sheeran did shots out of Johnny Cash’s Grammy trophy, during the latest episode of “The Late Late Show” with James Corden.

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Talking about spending quarantine on his farm in the Australian bush, Crowe said: “The reality is I’ve been practicing self-isolation on-and-off for the past 30 years. It turns out I’m rather good at it!”

During the “show and tell” segment of the interview, the Oscar-winner produced a Grammy Award that once belonged to legendary musician Johnny Cash.

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“The late great Johnny Cash passed away and his family put together a list of items that they would auction off. Amongst them was this particular artifact,” he explained.

Crowe then told Corden about his famous friend Ed Sheeran, who has visited the farm a couple of times.

He continued: “One night we were in the bar and he asked me, ‘Where’s that Grammy?'”

Sheeran, who has won multiple Grammys, then asked Crowe: “Why do you think that there’s a horn on the Grammy?”

Crowe soon discovered the real reason, as he and the pop star ended the night with “a bottle of Frank Sinatra’s Jack Daniels doing shots out of Johnny Cash’s Grammy.”

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“That may be one of the best showbiz stories I have ever heard!”, laughed Corden.

Crowe’s new movie “Unhinged” hits theatres in July.