Demi Lovato proved she can basically sing along to anything during an appearance on Thursday’s “Tonight Show”.

The singer, who has been busy promoting her new flick “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”, joined Jimmy Fallon for a virtual round of “Google Translate Songs”.

Lovato kicked things off by belting out an interesting version of “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves, which became “Now Mom’s in the Sun Now”.

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The star sang, “There was a time that bees loved me and thought I could grind / And I will not wait for you to hit the sun with a door / I will congratulate you on grasping email / I cannot wait to write on you when you finally move.”

The famous chorus got changed to, “Now mom’s in the sun now, water / Now mom’s in the sun now, water / Now mom’s in the sun now, water / A quality’s poor!”

Fallon then had to perform Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Love”, which was translated to “All My Favourite Carpets”.

“Please comment that,” the host began. “This is too similar / I hope I got excited about having my ouch / I lost his blood / During the dusk / Please try to make it / Into my section.”

“I hit my butler. Rolled up my carpet / I’ll let you take a look at all my favourite carpets.”

The final track consisted of Lovato showing off her killer vocals to a translated version of her own song, “Sorry Not Sorry”, which became “Apologize To My Infant”.

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“Now I lied to my dog,” she sang. “And my child is the worst / You’re watching the sex time / I don’t know where it is / And I would have liked to make it more agreeable but no.”

“I will apologize, to my infant / I will apologize, to my infant / Feeling sick made me again feel sick I knew that you’re standing on top of me.”

“I will apologize,” Lovato continued, as Fallon joined in. “To my infant.”

The musician then wrapped things up by singing, “I was affected by the twisting of boards / I think it’s hot when I’m on fire.”