Laura Prepon is sharing the “funny” and “primal” way her daughter welcomed home her new baby brother.

The “Orange Is The New Black” star called into “Live With Kelly And Ryan” on Friday, sharing some TMI details about Ella, 2, and their new arrival, now 4 months.

“She loves this show called ‘Daniel Tiger’ and on his show, he got a new baby sister and we would try and explain it to her and be like, ‘Daniel Tiger has a baby sister, you’re gonna have a baby brother,’ ” said Prepon, 40. “So we really tried to get her to understand the concepts of it.”

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But when their little one came home, things went south.

“We brought him in to introduce him to our daughter and in her bedroom, we have this pretty cloth tepee — there’s a bunch of blankets in it and stuffed animals, where she plays — and we brought the baby in and introduced them,” Prepon explained. “And it was the craziest thing — she ran into the tepee, took off all of her clothes, stared at us and just peed on everything.”

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Wash hands and hold the ones you love.

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“It was the most primal marking of territory,” she added. “And we were trying not to laugh because we didn’t want her to think it was okay for her to pee on her stuff, but it was so funny.”

Prepon and husband Ben Foster welcomed their second child in February, they have yet to go public with his name.

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