Florence Pugh is opening up about being complicit in cultural appropriation before she understood what it was.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the “Little Women” actress wrote, “The history and heartbreak over how when Black girls do it they’re mocked and judged, but when white girls for it, it’s only then perceived as cool. It was true. I could see how Black culture was being so obviously exploited. I was defensive and confused, white fragility coming out plain and simple.”

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Pugh said she went through a Henna phase when an Indian shop owner taught her about it.

“I thought because I was taught about it differently, I was an exception…I actually wasn’t being respectful in how I was using it,” she continued. “Stupid doesn’t even cut it. I was uneducated. I was unread.”

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To see change I must be part of the change.

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Pugh added, “I’m truly sorry to all of you that were offended for years or even just recently. I cannot dismiss the actions I bought into years ago, but I believe that we who were blind to such things must acknowledge them and recognize them as our faults, our ignorance and our white privilege and I apologize profusely that it took this long.”