Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig Return To ‘Tonight’ For New Edition Of Soap Spoof ‘The Longest Days Of Our Lives’

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig made a virtual return to “The Tonight Show” on Friday to join Jimmy Fallon for another edition of their Zoom soap opera spoof “The Longest Days of Our Lives”.

To recap: Vanessa (Wiig) gave birth to a baby, whose father is either Winston (Fallon) or his brother Fontaine (Ferrell). That baby, Blake (Jake Gyllenhaal), grew up very fast thanks to the power of Zoom.

In the latest edition, Winston — who had supposedly been stabbed to death in the last episode — revealed he was still alive, but his wifi blipped out and froze his Zoom screen while he explained how that happened.

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Meanwhile, a detective (The Roots’ Tariq Trotter) joined the conversation to reveal that Blake had become frozen, leading to some confusion as to whether it was his Zoom screen or Blake himself who froze.

The detective finally cleared it up: Blake fell into a frozen lake, and Trotter entered Dr. Seuss territory when he informed the others, “Look, I know this news about Blake in the lake is tough to take. Trust me, I wish it was fake.”

The detective then read Blake’s will, leading to a silly Zoom slap fight that winds up with Winston revealing he pushed Blake into the lake, triggering an unexpected stipulation in the will.

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The entire episode can see seen in the video above.

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