Natalia Dyer is taking on a new role.

The “Stranger Things” actress is set to star in a new coming-of-age sex comedy and the trailer for the highly-anticipated film, “Yes, God, Yes” has finally dropped.

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In the movie, Dyer plays lead character Alice, a 16-year-old Catholic teen whose sexual urges fill her with guilt after an AOL chat turns racy and she discovers masturbation. As a result, Alice decides to attend a religious retreat where a cute boy starts unexpectedly flirting with her.

“Yes, God, Yes” is a semi-autobiographical film from Karen Maine, co-writer of “Obvious Child,” with the intent on flipping the script and telling the story of sexual exploration from a girl’s point of view.

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“I grew up in the South going to a religiously inclined school,” Dyer recently told Vanity Fair. “I remember the similar ways of how women’s sexuality, women’s bodies, were talked about, or not talked about. For me reading the script was really almost cathartic in a way, like, ‘Oh, my gosh. Yes.’ I think that’s exactly the kind of stuff that I would want to see onscreen…We are so flooded with male-gazey versions of female sexuality. This female-oriented exploration is important.”

You can catch “Yes, God, Yes” in select drive-in theatres on July 24 and on digital platforms on July 28. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer up top and look out for Dyer in the upcoming season four of “Stranger Things.”

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