Ellie Goulding Says Speaking About Climate Change Results In Her Losing ‘At Least A Thousand Followers’

Ellie Goulding is passionate about climate change education but she has claimed that everytime she posts about it on social media, it hurts her career.

“I was very protective over my job because I’ve created my job entirely by myself,” Goulding told the “So Hot Right Now” podcast per the Daily Mail.

She continued, “It’s my livelihood, it’s my everything, it’s how I make money. I employ a lot of people and what I do affects not just me but a lot of people. I genuinely thought the activism would jeopardize my job, and I believe it has, actually.”

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Goulding has posted a number of times including on Earth Day.

“I lose followers, every time I post anything about climate change, I lose at least a thousand followers,” she added. “Because people are following me for a very specific reason and it’s not the environment.”

Not only does Goulding feel like she can’t speak out topics she is passionate about, she said she also can’t venture into other genres of music.

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“I started making classical music, because all I really listen to is classical at the moment,” she said. “But it’s like being a pop artist, which is sort of the pigeonhole that I’ve ended up in because I have released a lot of pop songs. That’s my fault, now I’m in that world and I can’t really go back.”

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