Amanda Seales would like to talk to the manager.

During Sunday night’s virtual BET Awards, Seales, who served as host for the evening, debuted a hilarious sketch taking on the Karens of the world.

Sporting a blonde wig, Seales crashes a “Karen Support Group” meeting and calls out the white women on their racist behaviour.

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“This reminds me of the time I was at the airport waiting to board,” Seales says as Karen while sharing stories of the times they’ve had to complain to managers. “I was drinking my latte, with too much foam but it’s fine, and an African American woman came up behind me… and I said, “Excuse me, I think they are just boarding first class right now.’ And she whipped around and said, “Don’t assume that just because I’m Black that I don’t belong in first class.’”

After the fellow Karens said she was right to say something, Seales pulled off her wig and revealed her true self, shocking the group.

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“You’re all Karens,” Seales says at the end. “And you need to stop torturing black folks with your fragility.”

Adding, “That’s right and I know how all y’all’s kids got into college.”

Watch the full clip here. 

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