J.K. Rowling posted and deleted a tweet praising Stephen King Sunday.

The Harry Potter author, who recently faced backlash after she issued tweets that many labelled transphobic, shared a quote from feminist writer Andrea Dworkin over the weekend, which King retweeted.

Rowling then posted of King in a since-deleted tweet shared by Yahoo!:

However, King then insisted “Trans women are women” when replying to a social media user on Twitter, and Rowling’s tweet appeared to disappear off her profile.

The Rowling controversy began when she shared a link to an article about menstrual health, taking issue with the inclusive language describing “girls, women, and gender non-binary persons” as “people who menstruate.” Twitter users labelled her comments transphobic and anti-trans.

Before her King tweet Sunday, Rowling had been posting about British Labour Co-operative politician Lloyd Russell-Moyle, who accused her of using her own story as “justification” for discriminating against trans people, the Guardian reported. He has since apologized.

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Rowling previously penned a lengthy blog post following the anti-trans comments, speaking about how she was a survivor of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Numerous celebs, including “Harry Potter” stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, have made it clear they don’t agree with the anti-trans comments of Rowling’s posts.

Rowling’s rep refused to comment on the deleted King post when approached by ET Canada.