‘BB15′ Evictee Jeremy Talks Racist Houseguests

The motto of Big Brother is “expect the unexpected,”; and this season audiences truly have been blindsided by racist comments made by three of the houseguests: Aaryn Gries, 22, Spencer Clawson, 31,  and GinaMarie Zimmerman, 32.

Jeremy, the 23-year-old “boat shop associate’ got the boot last night and he says the comments made by some of his roommates are “horrible,”; but admits, “I feel bad for them,”; adding, “It’s really not a good look. You can’t take it back now.”;

The controversial remarks have already had a ripple effect outside of the Big Brother house. “I just found out that they lost their jobs,”; Jeremy reacts. “It’s just not good. It’s going to be rough.”;

Blonde Texan beauty Aaryn Gries is receiving the most backlash and Jeremy has some advice for her: “She should keep her mouth closed. That would be best as of right now.”;

As for his “showmance’ with Kaitlin, Jeremy thinks their relationship could make it outside of the BB15 house. “I definitely fell for her,”; he reveals to ET Canada. “She melted my heart and I definitely enjoyed her company. We’ll see where we go from here.”;



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