Don Lemon is reminding everyone that silence is not an option.

The CNN anchor, who has been a prominent voice on the American news channel for years, has recently been applauded for his coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now, he’s using his voice on a new podcast titled “Silence is Not an Option with Don Lemon” and explains to ET Canada‘s Carlos Bustamante why now is the time for this venture.


“I just want people to absorb it,” says Lemon. “And then I want them to go back to their friends, colleagues, family, co-workers, whoever — if they want to talk to their dogs, and then have a conversation — and I hope they learn from the podcast.”

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“Silence is Not an Option” includes challenging conversations with activists, artists, and thinkers about the nation’s racial divide in search of lasting solutions.

“I want whoever’s right for the moment, and that doesn’t mean the biggest name or a famous face,” he explains of his ideal guests. “I do think in this time right now, the young activists who started the Black Lives Matter movement, I think those are great voices to have on the podcast, but I think the best guests are everyday people.”

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Lemon adds he hopes the podcast inspires people to take action and make a difference.

“I think perfection is boring, trying to be perfect is boring,” he explains. “And so, I think that people crave authenticity, and when you’re authentic, vulnerability is part of the mix when you are authentic.”

He adds: “My authentic self is to be honest, be candid, and tell you exactly where I’m coming from and how I feel.”

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With the podcast being an important learning tool, Lemon says, “Everyone needs to cut each other some slack because there’s so much tension.”

In a recent monologue on CNN, the anchor called out celebrities for not doing more amid ongoing protests and praised the youth for “taking the lead” and “stepping into the void and fighting for what’s right.”

“Celebrities have influence, they influence people,” Lemon tells ET Canada. “If you have any sort of platform, or any sort of outlet, then you should let those young people know that you support them.”

Watch our full interview with Lemon below.