Chris O’Dowd Explains His Participation In Gal Gadot’s Lambasted ‘Imagine’ Video: ‘I Presumed It Was A Charity Thing’

Chris O’Dowd was one of the numerous celebrities who participated in Gal Gadot’s widely mocked social media video in which she and a cavalcade of stars earnestly sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

In an interview with BBC’s “Grounded” podcast, the Irish actor explained that he agreed to participate when his “Bridesmaids” co-star Kristen Wiig (soon to be seen opposite Gadot in “Wonder Woman 1984″) reached out.

“I’ll do anything Kristen [Wiig] asks me to do, so of course we just did it,” he explained. “It took five minutes, didn’t think about it. I presumed it was for kids. I know that Gal [Gadot] works for UNICEF, so I presumed it was a charity thing.”

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In retrospect, O’Dowd admitted that the universally panned video came out of “that first wave of creative diarrhea” at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which he described as “just a bunch of people running around thinking that they had to do something when we really didn’t. We just needed to chill out and take everything in.”

In the end, O’Dowd now feels that “any backlash was justified,” adding that it was “bizarre to be part of that maelstrom, I’m glad it’s over.”




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