John Legend On His New Album ‘Bigger Love’ And His Biggest Love Of All — His Family

John Legend’s new album may be called Bigger Love but it’s clear the biggest loves in his life are his wife Chrissy Teigen and their two kids: Luna and Miles.

The musician is looking at the silver lining of the pandemic quarantine, which is giving him some unexpected family time as Teigen constantly comes up with new fun-filled ideas for the family.

“It’s kind of a highlight this for all of us. It’s how creative she is and how fun she is with coming up with great ideas for the kids,” he tells ET Canada. “We’ve done camping in the backyard. She’s planned a wedding for Luna’s stuffed animals. We’ve had both of their birthdays during the quarantine so friends haven’t been able to come over. But we’ve celebrated them anyway. So she’s been spearheading all of that and she’s just really great at that.”

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“I’m just lucky I get to parent with her and the kids are lucky to have her,” he says. “She’s really the MVP of quarantine in our house.”

When he’s not spending time with the family, Legend has been hard at work on Bigger Love, which he’s discovered, has helped so many during uncertain times.

“I’ve been getting that message from so many people right now that the album is bringing them joy,” he says. “This spring has been really tough for people all around the world but particularly here in the United States; we have seen crisis after crisis and people are stressed and people are concerned. And I think people needed a bit of a musical pick-me-up and hopefully, this album has been able to provide that for some people.”

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With everything going on outside their home, Legend and Teigen are making sure they’re children understand their own identity and prepare them for a racialized world.

“Well, first of all, I want them to love themselves for who they are. For their skin colour. For the grain of their hair. All the things that make them special. I want them to love that about themselves,” he explains. “And so part of what we have to do as parents is, make sure they know that they are beautiful and they are valued for who they are, but then, of course, the world is going to be what the world is going to be and they have to be introduced to that at some point and we have to have real conversations about what that means.

“Hopefully we’ll teach them to value that and to be proud of it. And then help prepare them for a world that’s less than ideal.”


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