Cardi B Announces She Is ‘Getting Off The Internet For A Couple Days’ Following Denial Of Plagiarism

Cardi B needs a break from the toxicity of social media.

On Tuesday, the rapper hit back at an accusation from Dela Wesst that she plagiarized her lyrics for the hit song “Clout”.

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“You really cross the line when u stalkin my fans page and put this sh** on a pic of me & my kid,” Cardi wrote in her response.

She then offered proof that she could not have plagiarized Wesst’s song, given the timeline of events.

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Wesst pointed out that while Cardi started her song in January, she could still have plagiarized afterward, but Cardi shot back with more proof against the charge.

Finally, Cardi announced that she’ll be taking “a couple days” off the internet.

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