Jameela Jamil is shutting down the repeated claims that she was responsible for Caroline Flack’s death.

Earlier this year, the host of U.K. television series “Love Island” took her own life. In the months following her death, British television host Piers Morgan released personal DMs from Flack and blamed Jamil for her death. In the messages to Morgan, Flack claimed Jamil hated her.

According to the “Good Place” actress, she does not hate the host and claimed she and Flack only discussed “Love Island” and the show’s lack of diversity.

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But in a hateful message shared Tuesday, Jamil is still getting blamed for Flack’s tragic death.

“I get messages like this every day because Piers Morgan implied that I was responsible for Caroline’s death just because she and I had a mild disagreement about her TV shows, where I wasn’t actually criticizing her, 8 months before she passed,” Jamil wrote. “The media killed her, not me.”

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She added, “She reached out to me a few days before she died because she was sad to see how much hate I was getting from the media, (which massively was coming from Morgan at the time) and then she passed a few days later. He then used a dead woman’s message out of context to harass me.”

Flack died in February 2020, months after she stepped down as host of “Love Island” following being charged with assault after an altercation with boyfriend Lewis Burton.