Don Cheadle Teaches Blanche A Lesson About The Confederate Flag In Resurfaced Clip From ‘Golden Girls’ Spinoff

Don Cheadle is fighting back against racism in a resurfaced clip from an episode of “The Golden Girls” spinoff “The Golden Palace”.

In one of his earliest roles, Cheadle played the manager of the hotel run by “Golden Girls” Blanche (Rue McClanahan), Rose (Betty White) and Sophia (Estelle Getty).

One episode featured his character confronts Southern belle Blanche about the Confederate flag.

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Twitter user Seb Starcevic found the clip and shared it with the platform, pointing out that the “scene feels especially relevant” amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the scene, Blanche is seen hanging up a Confederate flag, which its defenders claim denotes Southern pride, while others point out its basis as celebrating slavery as a symbol of white supremacy.

When Cheadle’s character questions why she’s displaying the flag, clueless Blanche insists it simply brings her “wonderful family memories.”

“This flag, Mrs. Devereaux, is not about college football games or quilting bees or fried chicken on Sunday. It’s about colleges that won’t let me in. It’s about companies that won’t hire me. It is about crosses being burnt front lawns today – not an evil past, Blanche, today,” he explains. “And not just in the South, all over. The North is just as bad.”

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In a second appearance, Cheadle explained further. “The legacy of that flag is alive every time I’m walking down the street with a group of my friends and I see a white person cross over to the other side because they’re afraid,” he tells her. “So please don’t tell me about that flag, I’ve battled that flag all my life.”

The episode may have aired in 1992, but it feels even more relevant today than it did at the time.


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