Last week, Air Canada and Westjet announced they’d be ending physical distancing on flights, with plans to resume filling up flights as per usual as of July 1st.

Canadian singer, songwriter, actor and all-around national treasure Jann Arden is among the many Canadians to take issue with the airlines’ new stance, given that federal guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic still recommend physical distancing by remaining at least two metres away from other people while in public.

Arden took to Twitter on Tuesday to share her thoughts, blasting the airlines as “so completely irresponsible… packing your flights is both dangerous and counter intuitive to social distancing practices.”

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As she pointed out, “The numbers will go up. It’s too soon and you’re endangering your passengers.”

A few minutes later, she continued with another tweet, pointing out that the airlines seem to think that being “SIX INCHES APART” isn’t a health risk in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

“You’re endangering your flight attendants as well as your passengers by going with full flights,” she wrote.

She also asked her Twitter followers to take a poll to see if they felt that it’s safe to fly right now. At time of writing, more than 4,500 votes were tallied, with 94 per cent of respondents voting that they would not feel safe flying right now.

Here’s how Arden’s followers responded to her tweets.

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