Tuesday night’s audience-free version of “America’s Got Talent” broke new ground thanks to the audition of Brandon Leake.

Taking to the stage, Leake declared himself to be “the first spoken-word artist that you guys have ever had hit the stage, so I’m super to bring poetry to y’all.”

While judge Howie Mandel seemed particularly dubious about the notion of spoken-word poetry on “America’s Got Talent”, Leake won him over with his heartfelt poem, written about his sister, who had recently passed away.

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The heart-wrenching performance gave all the judges the feels — even Simon Cowell, who admitted he wasn’t particularly familiar with spoken word but was impressed by what he’d seen

Mandel, however, was even more impressed, especially since it was the first time that type of performance had been on the show, and decided then and there to hit the Golden Buzzer to send Leak through to the next round.

When Mandel noticed Sofia Vergara tearing up, she explained that her own brother had died in Colombia the same year as Leake’s sister

Vergara told Leake, “I can feel your pain. I know what this is. I know what it is to have somebody taken from you without you knowing. But, it was very beautiful for me.”

Due to the emerging pandemic (the show was taped back in March, without an audience, just before the show halted production), the traditional hugs were replaced by elbow bumps.