The Brothers Gage had a surprise in store for the “America’s Got Talent” judges during Tuesday’s show.

The musical duo, consisting of brothers Brody, 15, and Alex, 17, took the stage to show off their harmonica skills, revealing they also played guitar, the keyboard, bass, drums, and could both sing.

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Sofia Vergara, who gave the boys a standing ovation, said at the end of the performance, “At the beginning when you guys started talking about the harmonica, I was already dreading it, but you made it exciting and you guys’ face playing was beautiful.”

Simon Cowell added, “Really amazing and the likeability factor is ginormous. I loved it.”

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Guest judge Eric Stonestreet gushed, “It was great and I loved your choreography,” while Howie Mandel said: “We always talk about surprises. I’ll be honest with you, up until tonight, I thought the harmonica was one of the most annoying instruments.

“You made it so entertaining. I think we’ve only seen the beginning of who you are on that stage.”