This young singer has a lot of talent.

On Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent”, teenager Kenadi Dodds took the stage for an audienceless performance.

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Asked what inspired her to pick up a guitar, Dodds said, “My dad used to play the guitar for me … and I started singing when I was little. My parents heard me singing in the car along with the radio, but I was in tune.”

She explained that she was singing in “baby jabber” at the time because she couldn’t even talk yet.

Talking about why she decided to perform on “AGT”, Dodds revealed that her whole family has a genetic eye condition called Retinitis pigmentosa, which causes gradual blindness.

“I’m the only one in my family right now who doesn’t have it,” she said. “My little sister told me that she wanted to see me on the biggest stage in the world before it’s too late and her vision’s gone.” The judges began tearing up at hearing that, but Kenadi persevered when she proclaimed, “I’ve worked really hard to be here and it’s been crazy.”

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Dodds then performed her original song “One Way Ticket to Tennessee” and won nothing but applause from the judges.

Simon Cowell called her a “firecracker,” while Howie Mandel commented on how she “transforms” when she sings.