Russell Crowe would love to work with Meryl Streep.

In the latest episode of Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series, Crowe sits down for a long-distance chat with longtime friend Nicole Kidman to talk “Big Little Lies” and more.

“How many films have you done with Meryl Streep?” Crow asked.

“Three. Well, count this as a film. And we just finished a film together,” Kidman said. “There’s a lot more to come.”

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Crowe revealed, “I’ve had maybe two conversations with her ever, but I think she’s so special. Tell me about working with Meryl Streep.”

“She’s very similar to how we work, in the sense that she melts into it. Every take is different. She’s like quicksilver. You would love her,” Kidman told him. “And having just worked with her back-to-back — I did ‘Big Little Lies’ where she’s in the cardigan, and she’s my pious mother-in-law. And then we’ve just done a big musical together, which was the complete opposite of ‘Big Little Lies,’ where we are singing and dancing and being absolutely ridiculous. It was called ‘The Prom,’ and Ryan Murphy directed it. We still have three more days to shoot.”

Kidman also talked about how she delved into her character in “Big Little Lies” to portray a victim of domestic violence.

“Ultimately [the relationship between Celeste and Perry] is based in this love. And the sexuality between them, which is at times good, and loving, and tender. And then things go awry, and it starts to snowball out of control,” she said. “That was really important to me, because so much of the relationships in terms of domestic abuse, you don’t see a lot of the good times. It was about focusing on: What are the good times? Because that’s what’s keeping me here. To have the chance to play that with all its complication, I was amazed that they let me do it that way. Because a lot of times it gets glossed over.”

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Crowe and Kidman also reflected on their long friendship.

“It’s unbelievable. If you think back to where we all started from and our aspiration, it’s inconceivable, Nicole. You and me hanging out in Darlinghurst; it’s inconceivable that we’ve had
the careers that we’ve had. What the f**k happened with that? Me, Naomi [Watts], Hugh [Jackman], this whole generation of people that are directly in touch or vaguely connected. It
is stunning,” he remarked of the generation of Australian actors they are a part of.

“And all still friend,” Kidman noted.

Crowe added, “And all still working.”