Lance Bass And Ex Danielle Fishel Look Back His Coming Out: ‘I Always Knew You Would Completely Accept Me’

A lot has changed in Lance Bass’ life since his relationship with Danielle Fishel.

On the latest episode of Bass’ “The Daily Popcast”, the “Boy Meets World” actress stopped by and the two talked about their relationship before Bass came out as gay.

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“Of course, we bonded immediately and you know, fell in love immediately,” Bass recalled. “I don’t know if I’ve told you the story about the next day, after I met you.”

He then moved on to his coming out and how that affected Fishel.

“As a straight girl, this happens so many times to girls in high school, dating someone who ends up being gay, how was that for you to find out about that?” he asked. “Did you feel bad about having that relationship?”

“No,” Fishel responded. “You know, right from the beginning… so I had heard rumors that you were gay before you ever told me yourself. And all I felt at the time, was this feeling of, ‘I hope that he isn’t not telling me because he thinks that I won’t accept him.’ Like, I had this feeling of, ‘Gosh he hasn’t told me that. And I would be so loving and I hope that he knows that.'”

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Bass and Fishel dated throughout 1999 and 2000. The *NSYNC singer came out publicly in 2006.

“Around the time that you came out publicly, you had a… I think it was a Halloween party, and I went to your house and you pulled me aside,” Fishel said. “Do you remember any of this? You pulled me aside and you told me, and I just said, ‘Lance, it’s totally okay.’ And we hugged, it was great.”

“I always knew you would completely accept me,” Bass told her. “But you know, for someone being that young and going through that and being so closeted and not telling one person. It’s just embarrassing. You don’t want people to know because you’re just so embarrassed about being gay at that point. It was a different time, you know.”

In 2014, Bass married painter and actor Michael Turchin.

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