Pierce Brosnan Says He Has ‘No Regret’ About Being Axed From The James Bond Franchise

Pierce Brosnan is proud of his time playing James Bond.

In a new interview with The Guardian, the “Goldeneye” star reflects on his lief and career, as well as being replaced as Bond in favour of Daniel Craig.

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“There’s no regret,” he says. “I do not let regret come into my world … It just leads to more misery and more regrets.”

He adds, “Bond is the gift that keeps giving and has allowed me to have a wonderful career. Once you’re branded as a Bond, it’s with you for ever, so you better make peace with it and you’d better understand that when you walk through those doors and pick up the mantle of playing James Bond.”

Brosnan also opens up about getting back to acting with “Mrs. Doubtfire” after his first wife Cassandra Harris passed away in 1991.

“At day’s end, you want to look around and hopefully you have a handful of films that you can be proud of participating in. That is definitely one of those movies for me,” he says.”

He also remembers working with Robin Williams on the film.

“I went into the makeup trailer and there was Robin, sitting in the makeup chair. He had a Hawaiian shirt on and cargo pants, and his hairy arms and hairy legs hanging out,” Brosnan recalls. “He had the head of Mrs Doubtfire and greeted me: ‘Oh, Pierce! Oh, you look so handsome, oh, give us a kiss.’”

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Also in the interview, Brosnan talks about the #MeToo movement and the downfall of Harvey Weinstein.

“It was shocking,” he says. “It was absolutely appalling and really has changed the landscape and the workplace for women in Hollywood. It was a mighty fall from grace and one that was really ugly and sad for all parties concerned … that this man should have acquitted himself in such a fashion in the company of young women who were trying to make a career for themselves – it was upsetting to see that behaviour unfold on a daily, weekly basis.”

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