Kevin Hart is joined by an array of famous faces in his latest show “Celebrity Game Face”.

The show sees Hart challenge couples Terry Crews and Rebecca King Crews, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams and Joel McHale and Sarah McHale to get involved in a number of “crazy ass challenges.”

“Welcome to ‘Celebrity Game Face’,” Hart shares in the preview clip. “This is the show where your favourite famous couples go head-to-head in some crazy ass challenges, all from the confinements of their crib.”

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E! confirms the challenges in question “include a wide range of unexpected props, including tiny hands, spaghetti, balloons, marshmallows and more.”

Hart says the winning couple will not only get money for their chosen charity, but they’ll also walk away with the “Hart of a Champion” trophy; a gold statue resembling a baby Kevin Hart.

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“This is an experience that we’re gonna hold on to forever,” Hart insists, with the video including sneak peeks of the upcoming show.

McHale says at one point, while holding up a small sack, “This looks like you’d fit in here, Kevin,” to which Hart replies: “That’s really original, Joel! Really original.”

“Celebrity Game Face” airs Monday, July 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E!