Rebecca Black is owning up to an insensitive joke she took part in when she was a teenager.

Black’s apology is yet another example of YouTuber Shane Dawson’s shock-value humour of old that has landed him in hot water lately. In the 2014 video, the two Internet stars play a game of charades.

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Dawson holds a card to his head reading the “Holocaust” and asks Black to act it out. Black, 16 at the time, attempts to oblige the request.

“I am deeply ashamed to have taken part in such an offensive bit,” Black wrote on Monday. “Yes, I was 16, uncomfortable, and didn’t know this was coming.”

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“I am so sorry to those I have hurt,” she continued. “I wish what I would have done was shut such an offensive joke down, rather than uncomfortably play into something I deep down knew was wrong.”

Black also acknowledged Dawson’s role in the video: “Shane, I know that deep down you are trying to learn and grow. But we must do better and take complete responsibility for how harmful this is.”