Meghan Markle’s Friends Gave Interviews After Becoming Worried About Her ‘Tremendous Emotional Distress’ Court Docs Claim

After lawyers for the Mail on Sunday and Associated Press made a request for more information in the court case that Meghan Markle has brought against them, the Duchess of Sussex’s team has made another filing on June 30.

The 31 pages submitted go into detail of the cost of Prince Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding, the contact she had with her father Thomas Markle, along with details providing supporting proof the Meghan was unaware that her friends were to speak to People magazine about the abuse she was receiving from the British tabloids.

Part of the document obtained by ET Canada read, Meghan has “become the subject of a large number of false and damaging articles’ in UK newspapers, specifically by Associated Newspapers titles, which caused ‘tremendous emotional distress and damage to her mental health’.”

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“As her friends had never seen her in this state before, they were rightly concerned for her welfare,” it said. “Specifically as she was pregnant, unprotected by the institution, and prohibited from defending herself.”

Meghan said she “did not know about the interview having been given, and only found out about it, and any reference to the Letter, after the People magazine article was published”.

The documents also go into detail over the cost of the royal wedding, which says was “not, in fact, publicly funded, but rather personally financed by HRH The Prince of Wales.”

Adding, “Any public costs incurred for the wedding were solely for security and crowd control to protect members of the public, as deemed necessary by Thames Valley Police and the Metropolitan Police.”

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Taxpayers paid for the security, as they would in any public gathering, which came to around $50 million (£30million).

Meghan is suing the tabloids over five articles that published parts of the private letter she sent her father in Aug. 2018, violating her privacy.



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