Police Concluded Their Report On Myka And James Stauffer Over ‘Rehomed’ Son, Huxley Appears To Be ‘Very Happy’

YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer came under fire last month when they revealed that they had found a new home for their adopted son, Huxley.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office have now confirmed the reason the couple “rehomed” Huxley in court documents obtained by Buzzfeed News.

The documents state that James and Myka “couldn’t take care of him anymore” after her had shown “severe aggression towards the other kids.”

They are also parents to Nakova, 8, Jaka, 6, Radley, 4, and Onyx Trey, 11 months.

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The police performed a number of welfare checks on both Huxley in his new home and the Stauffer children coming to the conclusion no one had “any abuse from what I could visually see” Deputy Susanna Leonard said.

“When we walked into the office, [Huxley’s] adoptive mother was singing a song to him as he was sitting on her lap smiling,” Leonard wrote. “[Huxley] appeared to be very happy and well taken care of.”

The Stauffers were also questioned about the reports suggesting human trafficking coming from the $800 they raised on GoFundMe for Huxley’s adoption. The money was used for the initial screening but the total adoption ended up costing reportedly $42,000 total.

“As far as the talk of possible human trafficking against [Huxley], it was determined that the process of his adoption is being conducted legally,” Leonard said.

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She noted that Huxley’s new adoption process is being legally processed.

The Stauffers also added that due to death threats and concerns about their safety, they are looking at moving.

“At this time the investigation will be closed out with no further follow up from our office,” Leonard concluded.

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