Ryan Murphy’s Netflix hit “Hollywood” is known for its racy scenes but there was one that was cut.

According to Dylan McDermott, a sex scene between him and Patti LuPone was removed during editing.

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“[The scene was] too damn hot…my sex scene with Patti LuPone was cut because it was too hot for TV,” McDermott told  Schön! magazine.

In the show, McDermott plays Ernie West, the owner of Golden Tip Gas.

“He had an optimism and a joy that was completely infectious. Honestly, I didn’t want to stop being him,” he revealed. “The lesson I learned from playing Ernie in Hollywood is to enjoy every minute of your life because ‘we’re all headed for the ol’ dirt pile.'”

McDermott’s daughter Colette, 24, even had a small part in the show.

“My daughter Colette is a wonderful actress and got her role in ‘Hollywood’ all by herself,” he said. “She has great things in store for her. She’s a big talent.”

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This isn’t the first time McDermott has worked with Murphy, he was also a part of “The Politician” and “American Horror Story”.

“Hollywood” is available on Netflix now.