Child Adorably Crashes Her Mom’s BBC News Interview

Dr. Clare Wenham suffered a lockdown issue most parents can relate to during an interview with BBC News this week.

Wenham was discussing local lockdowns in the U.K. with BBC presenter Christian Fraser when her young daughter interrupted them, looking for a place to hang her unicorn picture.

Wenham patiently removed Scarlett from the desk, trying to usher her away while continuing to discuss the issues of getting access to testing data, before Fraser addressed the little one.

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Fraser said, “Scarlett, I think it looks best on the lower shelf… and it’s a lovely unicorn,” as she tried to find the perfect place for her picture.

Scarlett then asked Wenham, who is the assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics, what the man’s name was, before she eventually walked away after being told.

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The latest kid gate-crashing an interview comes after Sky News’ Foreign Affairs editor, Deborah Haynes, was interrupted by her son asking for biscuits.

She told him he could have two and then the interview was cut short.

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