Brie Larson Puts Her Love Of Spicy Food To The Test On The Latest ‘Hot Ones’

Brie Larson is finding out whether she truly can take the heat.

The “Captain Marvel” star guests on the latest remote episode of “Hot Ones”, talking about movies, fame and more, all while eating increasingly spicier hot wings.

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Asked how she is around spicy food, Larson says, “I am a spicy food person, but I feel like today that I’m not. That perhaps what I thought was spicy food was not spicy at all.”

The actress also talks about the launch of her brand new YouTube channel.

“With the start of this channel I’ve been even more present, trying to watch so many different channels, and it’s such a big world! It’s the whole world on one big platform,” she says.

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As things go progress, the heat really starts to get to Larson.

“This is like what I imagine it feels like to change form as a Pokemon,” she comments at one point.

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