It’s one of the most famous songs of her entire career, but Alanis Morissette once begged for “Ironic” to be excluded from her Jagged Little Pill album.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone, the Canadian singer opened up about the track, which has since sold millions of copies worldwide.

“You know, I didn’t even want that song on the record,” she admitted.

“I remember a lot of people going, ‘Please, please, please.’ That was one of the first songs Glen Ballard and I wrote, almost like a demo. But people wound up liking the melody, and I wasn’t that precious about it. I came to realize later that perhaps I should have been. [Laughs] Whoops!”

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Morissette also spoke about taking psychedelics, an experience she sings about on the new song “Nemesis.”

“I’ve experimented with a lot of portals to find God, and some of them are temporary but still open up the window. I am a curious girl, so most things I would experiment with,” she said.

“I have a lot of friends who found that ego-obliterating experience was really powerful for them,” she added. “For me, I’m a little bit of an anxious bird. There’s so much information [in my head] all the time and all of it is ego-obliterating, even when I’m not medicated in any way. I definitely don’t need anything to help me go to those places.”

The Grammy winner’s new album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road ,will be released on July 31.

Explaining her decision to delay the album in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she added:  “I just thought it intuitively doesn’t feel right to be putting a record out about one woman’s crisis when we’re in the middle of a pandemic.”

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