Dean Cain Faces Backlash For Comments About Superman’s ‘American Way’ Catchphrase, Comic Book Writer Responds

Dean Cain is not on board with cancel culture sweeping the U.S. and the globe.

Cain caught up with “Fox & Friends” to discuss a controversial Time magazine article calling for a cultural re-examining of how superheroes are depicted amid the national debut over law enforcement.

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“This is insane to me, though, because these people will scream anti-police rhetoric all day long but when their life is threatened and they need a hero, they will dial 911 and a police officer will show up,” Cain told Ainsley Earhardt. “Because police officers are heroes.”

“This whole ‘cancel culture’ thing that we’re living in right now is crazy. It’s like an early version of George Orwell’s 1984,” Cain continued. “The author of this article makes a bunch of claims that are totally untrue.”

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The “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” actor said that portraying cops as violent is “totally untrue” and that people are “insane” for wanting to re-examine characters like Superman or Batman who are essentially “cops with capes.”

Cain added, “I promise you that Superman — I wouldn’t today be allowed to say: ‘Truth, justice, and the American way.'”

After his interview, Cain faced backlash for his comments.

Cain will next appear in “Madness in the Method”, “Faith Under Fire”, “Baby Bulldog” and “A Parent’s Worst Nightmare”.

After the actor’s comments did the rounds online, American author and comic book writer Tom King then shared a photo of a comic he’d written and published in 2020, Superman: Up in the Sky, pointing out he used the famous phrase.

Cain praised him, but insisted he didn’t need to call him a “mother f**ker,” though.

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