Chip and Joanna Gaines weren’t always the massive successes they are now.

The couple, who are now the proud owners of Magnolia Reality, Magnolia Market, Silos Baking Co., a Target line and their own network Magnolia TV on Discovery, admit that at one point, they were struggling.

“I remember moments where Chip and I would look at each other and just think, ‘How are we going to make it?'” Joanna recalled. “Not seeing the end; not understanding you could actually get through it. We would look at each other and say ‘Do we just bail and get out?’ That seemed so much easier than having to figure out how [to] make it through this.”

The former “Fixer Upper” stars spoke more about their journey during “Salesforce Presents: Stories Of Resilience: A Conversation With Chip & Joanna Gaines“.

“Chip and his family have always had this thing that Gaines never quit, so he’d say, ‘Jo, we’re not going to quit, we’re going to make it through this,'” Joanna added. “We would look at each other every night and say we are not quitting. That level of commitment even when it felt hard helped me just know quitting isn’t an option.”

Having each other’s backs is ultimately what got them through.

“I think we leaned on each other’s strengths in those moments of weakness where I would typically only see the glass half-empty, and Chip would see the glass half-full,” the mom of five said. “Just that kind of thinking really helped me go, ‘OK, I can do this.'”

While Chip and Joanna only had “four or five years of hardship” she warned other entrepreneurs “it could be a decade before you actually see the other side of this.”

Concluding the talk, Joanna had one more comment, “…the one thing I can say is, when I look back, I’m so thankful. We would have missed this moment. We would have missed a lot if we would have just pivoted and gone in another direction because it was easier.”