Jeff Probst Discusses The Future Of ‘Survivor’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic And Black Lives Matter Movement

Jeff Probst spoke about the future of “Survivor” during a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The star, who has hosted 40 seasons of the hit Global show over two decades, was asked what the immediate future of ‘Survivor’ looks like amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our job is to use this format to explore new ways to examine how we’re behaving as people and how we’re relating to each other,” he replied.

“There are all kinds of things happening in the world right now — certainly they impact the physical aspects of production, but they’re also going to change the tone and subject matter of a lot of shows. I think ‘Survivor’ is going to be one of those shows.”

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Probst also weighed in about safety measures that are being discussed for the show going forward.

“Shooting in a foreign country is exponentially more complicated, and we are still exploring them,” said Probst, who’s also a “Survivor” executive producer. “I’m on the phone every couple of days, either with the government of Fiji or with our executive teams that are in charge of logistics and planning.”

However, Probst added, the uncertainty brought about by the worldwide pandemic has forced he and the show’s other producers to remain flexible. “We’re continuing to lay out ideas. We don’t have a plan yet. It’s what we’re spending all our time doing because it’s not like we’re going to Atlanta to shoot a show.”.

Fiji, where the show will be filmed next, has recently declared itself COVID-19-free, which is something that will also impact the upcoming season of “Survivor” when the show eventually starts production.

“They’ve done an incredible job of controlling the virus. They’ve had a total of only 15 cases in their entire country, and they’ve had no active cases for months,” he said. “They have figured out how to handle it, and they just want to ensure that when we come shoot there, we don’t change that. We’re working together with them, but they’ve been very production-friendly in terms of wanting it to happen.”

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Probst also spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement and how he expects it will impact the show’s casting process going forward.

“The entire culture is in a beautiful upheaval, and our job is to respond to it to make sure that ‘Survivor’ continues to reflect our culture and our behaviour and how we’re interacting with each other,” he said. “Everything that’s happening is going to inform the future of ‘Survivor’.”

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