Elton John is sharing his appreciation for some of his favourite fellow artists.

John and his husband, David Furnish, took to Apple Music’s “Rocket Hour” to play some of their favourite electronic music and reflect on working with such greats as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Donna Summer.

The “Tiny Dancer” singer reflected on the out-of-body experience he had listening to Kraftwerk’s 1977 album Trans-Europe Express.

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“I think their album Trans-Europe Express it’s one of my all-time favourite records,” John shared. “I remember smoking a joint and listening to it on really loud speakers and I thought I saw God during that album.”


He also recalled sharing the stage with Depeche Mode.

“I did a concert once in Ludwigshafen at the football stadium to 40,000 people on a very sunny day, and there were three people on the bill,” the iconic musician explained.

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“It was Joan Baez, with an acoustic guitar, Depeche Mode at their finest, and me, and it was just an eclectic bill, and everyone went down so well, I’ll never forget it,” John continued. “And that’s the first time I’d seen Depeche Mode live and they were amazing.”

Speaking about Summer, John praised her magical voice.

“One of the greatest voices, without question,” he expressed. “It’s outrageous that she wasn’t put into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame before she was, but there you go. That’s what they think of disco music. It wasn’t disco music. It was great music.”