Subtitle-haters are taking matters into their own hands.

Despite the fact that “Parasite” won the Best Picture Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards, some people are still hesitant to watch the Korean-language film due to its subtitles.

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Youtuber OggyOgga ran into this problem with his sister, who refused to watch the film with him, but will gladly watch Korean TV dramas with very bad dubs.

So OggyOgga, as a joke, offered to dub “Parasite” for her if she would watch it, and she agreed, and he actually set out to do it.

Chronicling the entire endeavour, the YouTuber enlisted friends and family to do the voice acting for the film.

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The project took a total of seven months until he was finally ready to premiere his dub of the film for his family — and, most importantly, his sister.

Unfortunately, because of all the effort it took, OggyOgga was only able to dub the first half of the movie; thankfully his family was so into the film they actually agreed to watch the rest of it undubbed, in the original Korean with subtitles.